About Make Your Move Antigonish

Make Your Move Antigonish is an initiative to mobilize our community to create a cultural shift where simple movement becomes a social norm. We want to create a healthy, vibrant community, one people want to visit and live in, where residents regularly connect with each other, and where people are moving and playing around every corner. Join us in our efforts to create a vibrant future with a better quality of life.

Make Your Move Antigonish encourages people to start thinking differently about how they move and inspires people to add more movement into their day. This initiative aims to strengthen the social fabric of our community through the power of simple, everyday movement – things like walking, gardening, standing, cycling and unstructured active play.

This initiative is designed to help people to think differently about their own behaviour around moving more and it also encourages people to find ways to support others. This is a community effort that encourages residents to help their neighbours, colleagues and community members to move together. Movement paired with community-building is a powerful combination that will lead to a more vibrant future for all Antigonish residents.


Make Your Move Antigonish is connected to a provincial public engagement and awareness campaign called Make Your Move, which was created by the Healthy Tomorrow Foundation.

Make Your Move seeks to encourage Nova Scotians to move more throughout the entire day. Its goal is to inspire people to think about movement differently and recognize that it’s easy to move more.

The campaign reminds Nova Scotians that all the small bouts of movement in their day count toward their overall activity. The idea is that when we move even a little more, we improve our overall wellness and, more importantly, we feel better. Make Your Move encourages Nova Scotians to add more movement to their day – it’s as easy as adding small bouts of movement wherever possible.